Measuments for Corsets

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 Height ________    Gender ________ Age range _______

General Build  (Male/Female, Firm/Muscular, Fleshy, Small Back, Large Tummy, Uneven Hips, Sway Back, etc.)  __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________


1. Bust/Chest (At nipple or the widest point) ________

2. Bra Size and Cup ________

3. Ribs (Take a deep breath and measure the widest point, usually where the bottom of the bra rests or just below the pectoral muscle) ________

4. Natural Waist (Where body bends from side to side) ________  (use belt or string to define & measure snugly)

5. Hips 2" from waist (high hip) ________  -- while sitting

6. Hips 4" from waist ________  -- mark while sitting, measure standing

7. Waist to Underbust (Measure straight up from waist to where the bottom of bra would rest or just under the pectoral muscle, NOT where breast meets body.) ________

8. Waist to Nipple (Place one hand over breast & press in and up to simulate desired cleavage. Measure straight up from waist to your nipple.  Normally this will be about 1"-2" longer than waist to nipple in a well fitting bra.   Can be omitted for Underbust Styles .) ________

9. Waist to Corset Top (If underbust style measure from your center front waist to your bra line. For overbust styles measure to where you would like the top of the corset to end in the center..) ________

10. Side Length (Measure straight up from waist to underarm, approximately the bottom of the armpit.  This should NOT be longer than the waist to nipple measurement.) ________

11. Waist to Corset Bottom Center Front (From a seated position, measure from waist to lowest center front point, approximately to the top of pubic bone. Make sure you can sit down as the busk is straight and will not bend. If you have a tummy pooch, press firmly with flat of hand to measure flattened tummy, do not measure around the curve of the pooch. 6" is average for females, 4" is average for males.) ________

12. Waist to Corset Bottom Lap (From a seated position on a hard chair, measure from the top of thigh, straight up to waist, roughly in-line with nipple. Make sure you can sit down as the boning will not bend. This measurement should NOT be longer than the previous measurement, if so, re-measure both.) ________

13. Waist to Corset Bottom Side ((From a seated position, measure the waist to the desired side position on the hip) ___________  Mark this & then measure hip circumference there while standing __________

 14. Desired Waist Measurement (Pull tape measure as snuggly as possible around waist to get an idea of how much reduction you would like. We recommend 4" for first time wearers or occasional corseting.

Natural waist measurement
< 25”
– 4” reduction.
– 6 inches if daily corseting.
Very fit physique – 3” reduction.